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 What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, (OCD)


Do you feel like you are trapped into repeating tasks to feel a sense of safety?  Do you find it difficult getting out of the house, staying on time or accomplishing tasks throughout the day?   If the reasons you find yourself getting behind are due to needlessly repeating tasks you may be suffering from OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  OCD is an anxiety disorder causing repetitive thoughts, behaviors and rituals. When the rituals are competed, OCD sufferers usually experience a brief period of relief.  Unfortunately, that relief is short lived when the thoughts return and the cycle continues.

Obsessive thoughts are often fear based such as fear of harm coming to ourselves or others.  Rationally, we may know our fears are remote, but we are unable to free ourselves of the chains of our thinking.   Obsessive rituals are many and varied and are often played out by repetitive checking, (i.e. if doors are locked, windows are shut), compulsive hand washing, (i.e. to allay fear of germs) or counting patterns, (to avoid something bad from happening) just to name a few.  If these thoughts and behaviors are ruling your life, you are not alone.  An estimated 2.2 million Americans suffer with OCD every day.

OCD is often accompanied by depression, eating disorders and general anxiety.  Multiple symptoms are common and are usually reported with OCD.  Research shows that people who suffer from OCD report their symptoms started during their adolescence or early adulthood.  Studies show both men and women experience OCD in equal numbers.

You don’t have to continue suffering.  There are many effective treatments to help manage and even eradicate OCD symptoms entirely.  If you feel you may be suffering from OCD, we are here to help.  Sandy Wiley has effectively treated folks suffering with OCD for years.  Through specifically targeted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT) and Exposure therapy.   T, Sandy will help you change these patterns.  Sandy helps clients to understand the relationship between invasive thoughts and behaviors to interrupt the cycle of OCD.  Using Exposure Therapy, Sandy gently and sensitively helps her clients to cope with gradually face their fears.

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