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Relationship Tune-ups

Relationships - Part 1

October 2, 2016

Some of the most toxic behaviors in our relationships maybe coming from us, not our partners.  It is important to recognize our self-expectations and those we have of our partners as well as how we communicate these expectations.

Sometimes, when couples feel their needs are not being met, criticism can become the primary mode for communicating those needs.  Telling our partners what is wrong, missing, not up to par, and how they are making us angry, can become a defining pattern of communication which eventually leads to resentment and anger.  Anger and resentment are then often dealt with in other unhealthy patterns. 

Knowing ourselves and having reasonable and attainable expectations of ourselves and our partners directs our behavior in our relationships.  Being honest with ourselves is a good first step towards changing poor communication patterns.  Having empathy for our partners is the second step and maybe the most important.  Visit again this week for more information regarding empathy and how it can save relationships.

Carolyn Flood

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